The Pixcara Story

Turn “Picture Day” into “Video Day”.  Imagine… pictures, plus you have the voice, the story and the messages from loved ones - with personalized backgrounds to treasure forever.

Founder Nick Porrini, who coached Little League baseball for over seventeen years, had this idea of turning Picture Day, into Video Day. Imagine… a little leaguer in the World Series or All-Star game and they get to hit the winning home run and can be interviewed just like a real MVP. Nick and his team approached Major League Baseball for licensing rights, and in the process, shared with them the new cutting edge “Instant Green Screen” video technology they developed. MLB saw the merit in our proprietary video technology and how it could help them achieve the things everyone wants, including their biggest sponsor, at an event: fun, excitement and engagement.

So, in 2008 MLB selected our proprietary instant video green screen technology to capture the special messages, stories and moments from thousands of fans during the All-Star Game FanFests.

Pixcara technology was created by Academy and Emmy Award winner Ed Dougherty, Professor of Engineering at Villanova University in Philadelphia. Ed is also the genius behind SkyCam and WaveCam that captures video while flying over stadiums and arenas worldwide.

Instant Video Value

The great thing about working with Major League Baseball (aside from the fact that it’s MLB!) was that all of us at Pixcara were encouraged and enthused to improve our technology quickly. We learned how much value people place on INSTANT video, of using both still pictures and video, seeing it back in real time, and being able to share on Social Media.

That means we learned how to insert people into action video as if they were really there. Like having them be the pitcher or batter at a Major League game. We discovered how to make it look just like they were throwing the winning pitch or hitting the victorious home run, then doing a post-game interview, complete with the cheering crowd and all the action.

We immediately realized how amazing this could be at any kind of special event.

Video Booth Pennsylvania

From the Big Stage to YOUR Stage

Our mission is to put people front and center with personalized backgrounds to help tell colorful stories, relive amazing moments, and capture wonderful human emotions for their families and friends. We made our system fully contained, completely portable, and simple to use. Anyone can now insert themselves into almost any situation – be it with a still image behind or in the midst of action – and doing the most amazing things.

Making Dreams Really Come True

Who doesn’t love weddings? We sure do. We’ve seen the most precious memories at weddings and have made it our goal to help people capture them and be able to play them back forever after. We don’t want guests to feel like observers. At Pixcara, we believe they should be part of the action and excitement. In fact, they should be able to create their own excitement as part of the day. We want our technology to place them in any location, tell their important messages, do incredible things, and then be able to share with the world instantly in HD.

But… weddings are not all. We’ve designed Pixcara’s portable green screen video technology & video booth Pennsylvania to be at any event – conventions, corporate gatherings, banquets, fairs, carnivals, anniversaries, parties, family gatherings, you name it.

We want everyone to realize their greatest dreams through the magic of our green screen and cutting edge computer technology.

Move Over Photo Booths!
Capture Event Memories and Emotions in a Video Time Capsule!

That’s the magic of Pixcara!

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At the heart of Pixcara’s amazing instant “Green Screen” video technology is the ability to capture on personalized backgrounds the stories, messages and magic of special people at special events to be seen, heard and played back for generations!