7 Wedding Reception Ideas Your Guests Will Love

fun reception ideasThe ceremony is where you get married. The reception is where you shine.Everybody wants their wedding reception to be fun, inclusive, unique, and unforgettable. In this day and age, the occasion should be about more than just speeches, cake, and alcohol. People are searching for memorable ideas that not only make the day wonderful but show their personalities and desire to celebrate.

Here are seven wedding reception ideas to whet your appetite.

  1. Flash Mob

Flash mobs never lose their appeal, from Taiwanese prisons to Dick Van Dyke’s 90th birthday. Hire a dance instructor to work with the happy couple and a few trusted allies in the wedding party and/or guests. Then plan the right time, have the videographer ready, and stun the room. A flash mob is definitely a wedding reception idea that will be remembered.

  1. Bride and Groom Dueling Piano

If the happy couple has some skills, or has been working on them, dueling pianos will add some very cool interactive entertainment. First, you need to ensure there will be two pianos or keyboards. Then plan the perfect moment to give the pianists a break so you and your spouse can duel masterfully to the delight of everyone present. Add a little choreography, maybe a backing track, perhaps even a coordinated ‘spontaneous’ band featuring friends, and go for it.

Just be sure to let the hired musicians in on it. They may even have some cool ideas to help.

  1. Video Guestbook

fun reception ideasTraditional handwritten guestbooks are boring. They get tossed aside soon after the reception and rarely – if ever – opened. A photo booth is a step up, but has that high school fair vibe and doesn’t include personal messages to the happy couple.

With a video guestbook, first of all, you get to see and hear people delivering their wishes to you. Second, it’s just plain fun to do at a reception. Guests get to make personalized messages in any way they want – individually, in couples, in groups, serious messages, silly messages, and more. They can get creative with a variety of background themes using outstanding green screen technology. Either they do it themselves with an automated kiosk or it can be staffed by an expert to guide people. People adore making a video guestbook and really get caught up in it. They can take home copies of their creations or have them uploaded, while you cut the footage into one presentation and add it to your official wedding day DVD. It’s a great wedding reception idea that’s fun and provides you with a true forever memento of your family and friends.

  1. Game Room

A reception is meant to be a party. A party shouldn’t end because the kids are bored, tired, or cranky. That applies to kids of all ages. Rent some video games, pinball machines, pool tables, air hockey, dance games, and fill up a room. Or have your reception in a place that has these. You’ll really keep everyone entertained, and probably you, too.

  1. Ball Pit

Seriously. Who says a ball pit is just for children? How often do adults get a chance to dive into one? This wedding reception idea is a riot of fun. It’s also easy enough to pull off and inexpensive. Think of the amazing photo and video opportunities. You could even have a ball pit obstacle course challenge with prizes.

  1. Guest-created Cue Cards

Spice up the speeches! This hilarious wedding reception idea involves your guests writing cue cards to direct the bridal party in what to say during speeches or how the crowd reacts. It’s very simple. Guests write their cues on big cards, then the cards are shuffled and revealed during the speeches. Or have the MC punctuate speeches by flashing cards.

  1. Mad-Lib Cootie Catchers

Guests love to share their wisdom and some not-so-wise notions with a newly married couple. This wedding reception idea is really interactive. Give each table a piece of folded parchment inscribed with your names, wedding date, and a series of questions printed on the inside. Guests at each table work together to agree on answers and write them on the parchment. For some amazing fun, have the MC read the answers aloud later. Otherwise, the parchments can be given to the happy couple as keepsakes. If you have some funny people and wordsmiths on your guest list, this wedding reception idea is a hoot.

Of course, these are not the only wedding reception ideas out there. We’re just trying to help you think outside the box a little and add some spice to the regular formalities and traditions. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you want to do. Heck, you could even skydive into your reception, if you want. Whatever you do, enjoy it all, share the love with family and friends, and make the memories last forever.

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