Bye-Bye Old Wedding Guestbook – Video Guestbooks Are Here to Stay

video guestbookAfter your wedding day, when all the excitement has died down and it’s just the two of you unwinding, one of the most heartwarming things to do is go through your guestbook from the big day. The good wishes from family and friends bring warm smiles, hearty laughter, and a few tears.

But even the most expensive and best-handwritten guestbook has its limitations. For instance, you cannot see or hear the people who wrote the entries.

You can only imagine them saying the words. And as years pass, your memories of them on that special day fade.

Until now.

A video guestbook allows guests to present their wishes to you personally in HD quality with slick editing. Even better, a video guestbook can have either operator-free or professionally guided video capability and be set up easily as part of your big day.

Protected Forever

If it’s recorded and online, it’s forever. A regular guestbook is exactly how it sounds: a book. Books can be lost or damaged. Neither of these things can happen to a digital video guestbook that’s backed up in the cloud. When you incorporate a simple to use, state of the art digital videobooth into your reception, every ‘entry’ in your guestbook can be recorded, formatted, uploaded and shared in mere seconds.

And remember, you can’t spill wine on an online video.

Make Your Wedding Video Complete

Watching the ceremony and speeches on DVD is always wonderful. But it still lacks something important that makes a wedding day truly unforgettable: direct communication with guests. Aside from the formalities, one of the biggest memories of the day is connecting with well-wishers. A video guestbook will only build on the great work of the photographer and videographer.  Add it to your DVD so you can relive the complete experience. A montage of good wishes delivered through a camera will provide the icing on the photographic cake.

A New Level of Fun and the ULTIMATE Keepsake

video guestbookA video guest book brings new levels of interaction and personal connection that are unmatched by a printed guestbook. Your guests are free to express themselves in their own inimitable styles and share their true feelings and personalities. They can even record multiple messages – in groups or alone –to be serious, funny, intimate, whacky, you name it. They’ll knock themselves out having a blast. Meanwhile, you get to see their messages again and again whenever you want. The fun of the big day can truly last forever.

You won’t get this with a traditional guestbook. The old-fashioned way gives you a keepsake that gets shoved in a drawer. Even with a photo booth, you get a bunch of still pictures that you’ll only occasionally look at. In either case, the personalities and energy just aren’t there.

Send a Message from Anywhere

Book yourself the right kind of video guestbook booth, with HD picture and green screen, and anyone can deliver a video message from any destination on the planet. Or even off the planet, like in space. You and the entire bridal party can get in on the fun and give yourselves an awesome live backdrop for your own messages. People can be on the beach, on the moon, in a cathedral, on a golf course, atop the Empire State Building… whatever suits their guest message.

Just choose your video guestbook technology wisely. With standard video booths, you get a very limited choice of backgrounds, if any. Or else you have to pay extra for a themed curtain. The right digital booth will let people insert themselves into actual video action, like hitting a MLB pitch for a home run, using green screen effects as good as in the movies.

Relieve Guest Stress

A wedding day is long for everyone. There are great times and there’s also plenty of waiting around. While you and your new spouse are taking photos or doing the rounds greeting everyone, let other guests have a blast recording stuff for your video guestbook. They’ll be laughing their heads off and remembering your wedding day as the best ever. You’ll be remembering it the same way when you watch their recorded efforts later. You don’t even need a professional to do it for you. A video booth can be fully automated, no attendant necessary, if you want, or staffed by an expert. Either way, provides real novelty fun for everyone.

By the way, a video guestbook doesn’t have to be for weddings only. Add one to birthdays, graduations, retirement parties, you name it.Making it will be fun for everyone and make memories for you that truly will last a lifetime.

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