Top Things Most Couples Regret Not Having at Their Wedding

Wedding essentials wedding video booth floridaPlanning a wedding and reception takes months. Multiple lists are made, professionals are booked, food is ordered, and much, much more. It requires meticulous planning to ensure nothing is missed or forgotten. But even the most fastidious planners can leave something off the list and regret it when the big day rolls around.

Learn from the mistakes of others who left out these simple things for their wedding days and reeeeaaalllllyy wish they hadn’t.

Food and Water

This is the biggest thing couples forget and regret. A wedding day is long and tiring. By the time they reach the reception, most couples are parched and famished, yet still have to greet everyone and do more photos before even an appetizer is served.

You simply must eat and remain hydrated, especially in summer. But with everything going on, before you know it, it’s been four or five hours since you last ate and drank. Have one person accompanying you who is in charge of snacks and water. That person should bring them everywhere and ensure there’s extra.


Too nervous to eat on the morning of the big day? Don’t believe it. Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. The brides and grooms who have skipped or forgotten breakfast have regretted it in a big way.

You will be on your feet from dawn ‘til possibly dawn, expending enormous emotional and physical energy. Have a really good breakfast.

Video Guestbook

As soon as a married couple sees what modern day green screen video kiosks can do, they wish they could have had one at their wedding. Everyone remembers to get the wedding and reception videoed, and most weddings include a guestbook for people to write in. But making a video guestbook, where guests record their good wishes on camera and use fun backgrounds, ends up high on many couples’ ‘We Wish We’d Done That’ list.

Watching the recorded messages can be one of the most fun things to do while you write thank you cards.

Paperwork Caretaker

The marriage license and certificate of marriage are important documents, to put it mildly. Sometimes they’re plain and functional documents from a courthouse or JP, while other times they’re more decorative, like the Jewish ketubah on an ornate scroll. Either way, you want these important papers. But weddings can be like a whirlwind. Without designating a caretaker for the paperwork, and without having a folder ready to preserve it all, it could end up in a simple envelope or stuffed in a pocket. Sometimes it can even get lost amid the craziness of the day. Replacements are easy enough to come by, but they lack the sentimental value of the originals. Appoint someone responsible to care for your documents. You might think the Best Man or Maid of Honor is the optimal choice, but think again because these people have many responsibilities already.

Gift Guard

Think of this as a coat-check person for your wedding presents. You’re too busy running around saying goodbye, trying to eat, staying hydrated, or worrying about where you put something. Sure, some kind guests will likely step up and help spontaneously, but many couples feel guilty that they didn’t think of appointing a ‘gift guard’ in advance. Like the license caretaker, have someone in charge of picking up, listing, and storing your presents.

This includes appointing that person as the ‘goodies chauffeur’ to haul your gifts safely away. It’s easy to forget, which creates awkwardness with friends and family who were expecting to just go home after the reception.

Photography Timeline With Wiggle Room

Wedding essentials wedding video booth floridaA wedding day has a strict timeline. Photography after the ceremony also has a tight schedule, but it’s not an exact science. Scheduling can be thrown off by staged shots taking longer than expected, weather problems, technical issues, spontaneous ideas (that are great but eat up time), and many unforeseen factors. A professional photographer will do everything possible to keep within time limits, but many couples regret not allowing some wiggle room or extra time. A good idea with photography is to allow an extra 30 minutes. If it finishes early, you get some relaxation time or you can do a few more shots.

A Go Bag

Heading to the hotel or B&B after the reception, plenty of couples have found that they neglected to pack simple overnight bags. Even if you think you’ll just pop back home to grab your stuff, learn from those who found out they should have packed earlier. You’re going to be exhausted and longing for a quiet, comfortable room. Prep a bag and keep it in the car, leave it at the B&B earlier, or entrust it to the hotel’s bellhop. If necessary, appoint a trusted person to do it for you.

So, be sure to add these little but important things to your long list of wedding preparations with wedding video booth Florida. Your wedding day will be so much happier, smoother, and filled with all the right memories.

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