Creating Legacies of your Family Events

Move Over Photo Booths, Pixcara is Here

Pixcara's videography creates fantastic settings through “green-screen” technology transforming your event magically into a fun filled time.

Building a Legacy for your family and friends!
Would you like to have been at your Grandparents wedding?

Watch Pixcara in Action

Analog Memory Risk Factors

Never Let the Weather Ruin Your Memories Again!

Don’t worry about the event weather.
We guarantee perfect weather in the setting you choose for your event video!

How Well Will Your Story Be Known? Introduce Yourself to Great, Great, Great… Grandchildren!

How many times have you thought back on an important event in your life and said, “Oh man, if only I had a video of that!” Many of us have had that thought far too often.

After all, memories are priceless but, unfortunately, they fade.

Videos, on the other hand, last lifetimes.

Do You Believe in Legacy?

What are you going to leave behind?
Plan to Go Beyond Yourself.
Create your video legacy.

No More Lost Memories

After all, memories are priceless but, unfortunately, they fade or can be taken away from us.
Don’t deny yourself or your loved ones your best memories.

Social Media Will Outlive You

Think about what you want to leave behind in your Facebook or Instagram?

In What Context Do You Want to be Known?

Contextualize yourself… Create an image… Brand yourself

How will you be seen in the eyes of your family… friends…?

Brand the Entrepreneur Behind Your Business

Be the next Richard Branson in the eyes of your customers

The Virgin Group owes its success to the personal brand of Richard Branson.

Make your brand anyway you want!

What Happens on Social Media, Stays on Google Forever

Think about it.

Time to take action… create your video social media for generations to come.

1 in 8 Baby Boomers reports memory loss

About 40% of people aged 65 or older have age associated memory impairment
Every 66 seconds someone develops Alzheimer’s


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Turn "Picture Day"
into "Video Day"

Imagine… pictures, plus you have the voice, the story and the messages from loved ones - with personalized backgrounds to treasure forever.