How It Works

Pixcara is a time capsule machine.

pixcara-6At the heart of Pixcara’s amazing instant “Green Screen” video technology is the ability to capture on personalized backgrounds the stories, messages and magic of special people at special events to be seen, heard and played back for generations!

Our staff encourages everyone to stop by the booth to leave a special message.

Guests get to choose from a variety of personalized “Green Screen” video or photo backgrounds. Popular are favorite vacation spots, schools, the old neighborhood, the place they met, etc.

The backgrounds are stored in the Pixcara and produced with the participants live performance.  

But the magic doesn’t end there… in fact, it’s just beginning.  

Our InstaView technology allows the participants to view and share their video on social media and a customized YouTube channel created just for the special day. Often participants go back to the table and share their video with friends and family. And that often leads to more videos…

We find once someone has done a video, they’ll come back for more, bringing family or friends – and that’s where even more fun happens!

Oh, by the way, we do photos too!

Imagine, a wedding with special guests retelling colorful stories in front of the place where the couple first met, even if it’s 3,000 miles away. Imagine seeing yourself throw that perfect pitch or hit a winning home run. Imagine making your daughter into a live action princess in front of her own castle or making your son a pirate in front of his galleon divvying up the loot with his crew. Or placing yourself in the midst of an award ceremony. Literally, any special event where you want to capture the stories, messages and magic of a special day and preserve it for a lifetime.

All of this and more is possible with Pixcara. Its interactive technology makes it incredibly fun, easy and affordable!

Photo Booths Don’t Tell Your Story

You want your event guests and participants to enjoy themselves and remember it for years. Sure, you could get a photo booth from a party company, but all you’ll get are still pictures. Boring.

With Pixcara, you can choose from a huge range of stock or personalized video or photo backgrounds. Everyone can place themselves in almost any situation. Our patented Pixcara system records and processes the videos INSTANTLY, which can be shared on a custom event YouTube Channel and Social Media through InstaView!  

Simple Process

  1. Meet with our Pixcara team member to select the just the right imagery & music  
  2. Order the Memory Magic package you want; Premium, Destination or Luxury
  3. Let’s Save the Date… tell us when and where.
  4. We do it all from setup, to getting your guests sharing stories, to teardown
  5. You and your guests have a blast.
  6. Preview your creation INSTANTLY on InstaView. There’s no post-production!
  7. Share video(s) on a custom YouTube Channel and Social Media. This is Included with every Memory Magic package

It’s fun, entertaining and memorable. Long after the special day is over, what will always remain are the stories, messages and magic of special people captured forever on video. That’s the magic of Pixcara.

Hollywood Magic Made So Simple and Fun

Green screen technology has been around in movie making for a long time. Pixcara has re-invented the technology to produce INSTANT Full Featured HD quality videos (and photos) for your special event.  

  1. We begin with a green screen and a special technology created by Academy and Emmy Award Winner, Ed Dougherty.  
  2. We film everyone with their background of choice.
  3. Within moments you have a video that includes the action background.
  4. You’ll be able to see your masterwork right away thanks to our InstaView technology.  Then you can have a DVD in under a minute and/or post your creation to social media and the unique YouTube channel created just for the special occasion.

The fifth step is the most crucial…

  1. Relive the moment for years to come. Participants love seeing their videos and then love sharing them.  This often encourages more people to take advantage of the Pixcara system. The result is an event to remember. And you will remember it, thanks to all the amazing videos and Pixcara.

Order Your Package

We have three Magical Memory Packages from Premium that includes captivating stock imagery and music to fully customized versions like we do for Major League Baseball. This can range from adding celebrities, remote location shooting and full pre-production to make your event truly, one-of-a-kind.


Let us Save the Date.

Remember after your special day is over what remains are the memories of special stories are told by special people, captured forever.

Don’t let it get away!

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